Wholesale Christmas Trees

Brown's Tree Farm currently has a large inventory of full size High Quality, Fresh, Real Christmas Trees. If you are currently unhappy with the quality or service you are receiving from your current supplier please give Brown's Tree Farm a try. We guarantee you won't be disappointed. Also, if you are new to the Christmas Tree sales business and you're not sure how to get started, Brown's Tree Farm can help you too. We work with Wholesale Christmas Tree customers of all sizes.

We have several satisfied customers who have consistently been buying Christmas Trees from us for over 30 years. We have expanded our business and a currently looking for a few new customers. We guarantee if you buy from Brown's Tree Farm just one time, you will become one of our "regular satisfied customers".

NOTE: For new customers, we have a minimum order quantity of 300 Christmas Trees.

Please view one of our Christmas Tree Photo Galleries to see first hand the quality of the products we offer.

Please click here and register to view our wholesale price list or contact us for pricing and availability.

Providing the highest quality Christmas Trees and Christmas Wreaths available!


Attention Fundraisers

Brown's Tree Farm offers two unique fundraising programs:

  1. "Wreaths - Direct" - Offering the most profitable wreath fundraiser available! Click here for details.
  2. "QualiTree" - You presell our Christmas Trees and Christmas Wreaths and then place your final order with us at the end of the selling season.Click here for details.